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THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES: "Invasion of the Bane"


What a fun show! And with truly excellent young actors--I really liked all three of the ones who were featured. The ad for the soft drink Bane seemed realistic!

I loved the set dressing in Sarah Jane's house. I want to find some stills and see what I can identify besides the photographs on her wall, of the TARDIS, the Brigadier, etc..

K-9, it seems, has been mostly done away with while he's busy with a black hole or somesuch, which should eliminate the necessity to have him save the day too often, but still have him available if the plot requires. I wonder how he got out into space? Hitched a ride with an alien? Got sent out using resources from U.N.I.T.?

In place of K-9, Sarah Jane has somehow acquired an advanced computer which she calls "Mr. Smith." Because her own name is Smith, or because the Doctor used "John Smith" as a nom de guerre at U.N.I.T.? Did K-9 build the computer for her? Did U.N.I.T.? Is she still in touch with them? Dialogue implied she had nothing to do with Torchwood.

The archetype kid, now named Luke, has an amazing memory. We shall see if he has other abilities. Maria will make a marvelous companion for Sarah Jane; I bet she would never go off with the Doctor, though, since she has family on Earth whom she obviously loves.

The CGI alien poet she met was the same species as the criminal alien who slept with Tosh in Torchwood. Nice recycling; I guess they suppose the two audiences won't overlap as much as the Torchwood/Dr. Who audiences.

I am excited to see more episodes.

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