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TORCHWOOD 1.12-1.13 [season finale]

Bilis? Iblis? Hello?

The first thing I thought when I heard the TARDIS at the end of "End of Days" was--when this was filmed, I bet they weren't sure they had a second series. Because it leaves the plot nicely open. If no second series, we can imagine Jack happily whizzing around in the TARDIS. If there was a second series, either there could be a crossover, or it could be a horrible illusion of the TARDIS drawn from Jack's brain and then we would have Plot. Given that we know Jack will guest on Dr. Who late next season, it could still go either way, as this TARDIS pickup doesn't have to be the thing that puts him in a Who episode. We don't know that he actually meets the Doctor again; it could be a terribly frustrating series of near-misses. But I hope not.

Back to "Captain Jack Harkness." Nifty idea, that our Jack swiped the name; it would make him fit in so much easier in 1941. And I liked that it was a coming out story as well; paleologa, I am guessing that once Jack left through the time shift, the memory of him might have faded, so perhaps the Actual Jack didn't get gay-bashed for dancing with him. The kiss did look like everyone else was frozen--Actual Jack was only aware because he was in contact with Our Jack. I thought that dance and kiss was really yummy and sweet. I liked the resonance with Jack having told Actual Jack, earlier, to kiss the girl goodbye.

Also, another bit of Jack's past, of his youth, apparently, which reinforces the notion that he's been a soldier a long time. He joined up young and got his friend to join up with him, and had to watch the friend tortured to death--was it a war with aliens? He was so careful to avoid details. He's so good at avoiding details.

I wanted more with Tosh, though it was telling that she did all the clever things with cellophane and blood and hiding things, and Jack kept saying if they got stuck, he would take care of her. Interesting to note when the soldier grabbed her to dance, at first Jack doesn't stop the guy--he's in 1941 guy mode, and to him it's funny, then he seems to mentally jolt back. To some degree, Tosh is still being overlooked. Then when she comforts Jack, later, I think she gets a larger place in his mind; they share something now that the rest don't.

Owen being frantic to bring Jack and Tosh back from 1941 was mostly because of the hope of bringing Diane back, was it? He didn't seem hopeful, though. Just desperate to do something, anything.

"End of Days" had its moments, but I was expecting it to end up status quo, despite the temporary death of Rhys. Looks like Gwen has really given up on Owen, leaving him open to more romantic misadventures.

Jack Ex Machina! Jack fighting Abbadon--chew that scenery! Woo! That pale makeup on him was really creepy.

Owen gets violent when he's angry and/or desperate, and he seems to have an inflated sense of guilt, which drives both emotions. I think his reaction at the end of the episode had to do with relief from guilt, even if it was only temporary.

Ianto/Jack smooching! Nice!

Tosh didn't get a smooch? Awww. Owen at least got a smooch on the head.

TARDIS noise! Happy Jack! Am looking forward to series two.

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