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2006 DW Xmas Special: "The Runaway Bride"

The Dr. Who Xmas special! Spoilers for .

Is it bad that I liked Ten better alone than with Rose? And I am looking forward to the new companion. I knew Donna wasn't going to be that, partly because she's too big a name and partly because of BBC website information about the actual new companion. Though, Donna would have made an amusing companion, at least for a few episodes.

Chew the scenery, Empress Racnoss! Chew it with your sharp, pointy teeth!

Note to Russell Davies: please, stop having holes bored into planets in improbable ways for improbable reasons. Thanxokaybye.

The poor Doctor is sad! He's sad he lost Rose! Ah, well. Nine hundred years and change, you learn to get over things.

I really loved the last scene, when 10 was pretending he didn't really care if Donna came with him or not.

Umm, you can tell I don't have much substantive to say about this episode. I did enjoy it a lot.

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