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"But what of that narrow strip that divided two opposing trench lines--'no man's land'?...The width of no man's land varied a great deal from sector to sector. It was usually between ten and five hundred yards, the average distance between the trenches being two or three hundred yards. In Flanders, the average was a little less, probably about 150 yards....Around Cambrai, one of the easiest British sectors, there was a dead zone of 500 yards; whilst at Les Boeufs, near Guillemont, it was only fifty yards....Near Zonnebeke in 1915 the British and Germans were only seven or eight yards apart, and in certain trenches in La Boisselle it has been claimed that opposing sentries could have crossed their bayonets."

--from Eye-Deep in Hell, John Ellis, Pantheon Books, 1976.
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