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Today's Characters

Today we're creating characters in a historical Western Romance.

Lupe is the daughter of a wealthy Spanish rancher from California, but they've moved to...eh...Wyoming, because her dad wants to get away from his family who nags him endlessly about remarrying, because his wife ran off back to Spain and then died in the crossing. See, this can be a romance where the dad's romance is a subplot.

Lupe isn't happy out here in the middle of nowhere because her pretty dresses are wasted and there are no parties of any account. She rebels by learning to use a lasso and cut cattle and such, which sort of appalls her dad but he also hopes she'll hook up with one of his cowboys, some of whom are younger sons of his wealthy pals from California--he wants her to be happy and also to stay here in Wyoming, which he now loves for its beauty.

But of course our hero cannot be one of those guys. She is used to them, they are boring. She is out riding the range and meets Matt, who is out in the middle of nowhere with what looks like prospecting equipment. She informs him this is her dad's land, and he informs her that he has permission to be there. He's not a miner, he's a palaeontologist from back east! Harvard, of course. But he's very rugged all the same. All that hiking and camping, you know.

What possible interest he could have in Lupe I do not know. At first, a prurient one, I think. Then he will discover how educated she is, and educated women are few and far between out there, so their minds will meet as well.

And what of the dad's subplot romance? Some options: the sister of a traveling minister; the woman who owns the general store in the minuscule town; a female bandit who tries to steal his cattle because she is supporting her two younger sisters and needs the money. I like that last one best.

So it shall be.
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