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I've been eagerly awaiting Marjorie Liu's new romance, A Red Heart of Jade. Some things about it, I loved; the protagonists, Dean Campbell and Mirabelle Lee, have wonderful humor and banter between them. Their dialogue in the sex scenes is awesome.

The rest of the plot wasn't for me, or I just didn't have enough brain to keep track of the missing jade, and the mummies, and the visions, and the possessed shapechanging dragon, and there was more than that. I also never am very fond of the "childhood friends separated by fate" plot, which also figured into this. I felt like the plot took up too much of the story. Weird complaint about a romance, right? Usually having a plot makes it better. But I was just not in the mood for that.

I wanted Dean and Miri in a different story. I wouldn't have missed the dragons at all, and especially not the jade and the teleporting and the visions from the past. If I read this again, I'll probably just go for certain scenes.
Tags: books, paranormal, romance

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