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A New Game

I think I shall create some new characters. Not necessarily because I want to do anything with them, just for fun. I used to do that a lot as a kid, and up through high school.

I think I'll go with characters for romance novels.

Julianne Woodleigh, a designer of special education curriculums, a job which pays fabulously and allows her to travel all over the US (at least in the romance novel universe!). I suppose one could get away with that in the Real World if one wrote these curriculums for rich kids with tutors, I guess. She's in her mid-thirties, a career woman, who's divorced from a man who squashed her self-esteem and kept her as a substitute teacher for many years, somewhere in a small town in the Midwest. Now she has a nice loft apartment in Chicago, tastefully decorated. I'll make her a brunette with big brown eyes behind glasses. Her hair is always pulled back, so the hero can have thoughts of "schoolmarm" when he first sees her.

Her hero is a software designer! Yes! Who does educational software. He began in that field when his son was born with some learning disability or something. His wife has by this point left him for another man, but he has custody of the young and of course unspeakably cute son. In this particular school, he's providing some design services, and is set to work with Julianne. His name is Richard Sandino, he's tall, dark, and handsome, etc..

These characters seem to require some kind of initial conflict to battle with their instant attraction. He thinks his programs are enough, and she's not needed? Seems unlikely if he has a son with a learning disability, and knows how helpful a tailored program can be. Going back to a shared past is kind of a cop out, as is the chance encounter on the way to their first official meeting. I think her being dismissive of the efficacy of his software would be a good one. Yes. She's seen software before that sucked, but either it wasn't his or it was his and wasn't used properly. They can get over this after a chapter or so and get into the wining and dining, and then she'll meet the kid, and he won't want a new mommy, and the dad will freak because he wasn't thinking of marrying her, and his son is so important to him, but eventually the kid will come around.

So much for them.
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