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Readercon report

So, I went to Readercon. I think I am still burned out after the titanic WisCon30, because I couldn't muster the energy to run around madly and have intense conversations; well, burnout as well as me being in the recovery stage from a pretty nasty summer cold. (Today I continue to produce far too much phlegm, and might go home early from work.)

I took the train up Friday morning with filomancer, who was editing the in-progress thing she would be reading most of the way. I was, as I mentioned, somewhat braindead, and in between our usual conversations about life and our works in progress, I alternated listening to cds and reading James Morrow's Bible Stories for Adults, which reminded me of several useful things for the "Fiction of James Morrow" panel on Sunday. veejane carried us to the con, and I got my stuff, and decided I would not saunter into my first panel half an hour late and ask what I'd missed. Instead, I dropped off my luggage and had lunch in the hotel pub with...I think it was filomancer and Patrick O'Leary and Geary Gravel and Ann Zeddies and Rosemary Kirstein. If I'm forgetting anyone, please forgive me!

And to get the namedropping over with, over the course of the con I also chatted briefly or at length with grahamsleight, jenwrites, Nora Jemison, yhlee, rushthatspeaks, buymeaclue, nineweaving, matociquala, batwrangler, rosefox who makes brownies, Brett Cox, Glenn Grant, Yves Maynard, Cecilia Tan, Gavin Grant, snacky, katenepveu and her cabana boy (heh), Doyle and Macdonald, and...some other people. I believe I met ashacat for the first time, and ckd. And Tom Disch signed my copy of The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of.

I did attend one one program item--the last ten minutes of filomancer's talk on how she wrote Bear Daughter, so I could meet up with her for lunch.

So, I am really looking forward to peoples' writeups of panels, so I can see what I missed!
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