oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Greetings from Madison! (WisCon 30)

I spent a very sleep-deprived day yesterday, but had fun anyway. I had a late lunch with Nancy Jane Moore, bought a cheap necklace with a Sculpy turtle which has gotten about fifteen compliments already (I keep pimping the store on State Street where I bought it), and met up with roomie #1, daedala, to admire her purchases and exchange BPAL imps.

Then I required a cafe au lait at Michaelangelo's across from the hotel, where I saw brisingamen and PK. They came to the bar later, where I had glommed onto matociquala, who apparently owes me lunch. Saw truepenny! After about half my coffee went into my bloodstream, suddenly I was having a lively long discussion with brisingamen and PK all about history, and historical documentaries, and Ken Burns, and the American Civil War and the British one, and glass in gardens left over from bombed houses in WWII which I must use in a story. And also Dr. Who.

Found aynjel and buymeaclue, had dinner with annesible, went back to my room to sleep, glanced at my schedule for today, and realized I had somehow lost all my available brain cells because I had thought I was only moderating one panel, when actually it was three. I quickly made more notes for the one that's today (I had some already, and it's a topic similar to one I've done several times), and finally got to sleep.
Tags: con reports, wiscon

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