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I'm still not writing. It's been almost a month since I added a bit to chapter one of the werewolf romance, and nearly two months since I stopped struggling with the elf story. I haven't missed it much. Maybe because I keep telling myself, "my backbrain is figuring out the werewolf romance," which is likely true, to some extent, so I can feel like I really am working. I just wish I could see it happening, that some bits would surface, because very little has.

Maybe I haven't missed the writing because I really needed a break. I spent fall and spring working very hard at several things, some of which were successful and some of which were not. I've certainly gotten a lot of desperately-needed spring cleaning done because of not-writing. And I've watched a frightening number of DVDs--45 episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus, plus the episode they did for German/Austrian television. Last night it was three episodes of Due South. I have plenty left to catch up on.

Maybe I'm waiting. My proposal is supposed to be winging its way to editors, and if someone wants to buy it, then I will have to leap into action and pound out another 80,000 words about the Duchess and the Stableboy. It would be harder to do that if I'd already enmeshed myself in a new project. Still, this waiting feels lazy. I always feel lazy when I'm not writing. Every single time.

When will the urge return? Do I want to force it? Writing isn't my living, so I don't have to. When I force myself too much, it turns out bad. Maybe I should just wait some more.
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