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Robinson, LADY GALLANT (2)

I read the middle section of Suzanne Robinson's Lady Gallant last night, before rehearsal and on my break. I was disappointed to find that a Big Misunderstanding took over and led to the hero horribly betraying the heroine. His behavior was in character--thanks to his Past Angst--but my sympathy for him was fast eroded, because I thought he went way over the top without firm proof of what he thought was her treachery. She got to suffer nobly and dramatically, while he was proven wrong and fell into a slough of despond. It looks like, now, that he will have to scramble and fight back into the heroine's good graces, as well as mine, the readers.

It's a classic plot, demonstrated here more dramatically than it is sometimes, again reminding me of Dunnett's style. And I'll say this, it's definitely holding my attention and making me want to know how the couple will get out of this--which is usually the goal. We'll see if the reward at the end of the book makes me want to read all that middle section again with different eyes.
Tags: books, historical, romance

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