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daedala sent me a copy of Suzanne Robinson's Lady Gallant, which I am hugely enjoying so far. I'm about halfway through.

I don't know if I would have picked this up on my own, since I don't often venture into the Elizabethan period (well, this is Queen Mary, with Princess Elizabeth, so close enough), but when it arrived in the mail I was primed for it, and started reading the next morning.

My first thought, after a few pages, was that Robinson very likely read the Lymond Chronicles and ate them up with a spoon. My second thought was that some of these characters had wonderfully wacky names ("Anthony Now-Now"). My third? My goodness, the heroine was not spunky when captured by highwaymen! And this annoyed the hero! Usually in romance novels, he's annoyed because she's spunky!

Their conflict continued, intertwined with spying and danger of the heroine being married off to someone awful. I've reached the point where both characters have realized they are in love, but haven't discussed it (this is not a spoiler, it's a romance novel!). And I wanted the book to last. So today I brought The Great War and Modern Memory to (re)read, instead. I will finish Lady Gallant tomorrow, I think.
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