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513 on chapter two of my proposal last night. Since I lost almost all my writing time last weekend by unexpectedly having to go out of town, I will need to really buckle down this weekend, and finish at least a chapter. That would leave one chapter to go, and any edits to either the two new chapters or to the outline.

The outline is in pretty good shape. While out of town I did manage to reread one of Emma Holly's books, Cooking Up a Storm, originally from Black Lace but possibly reprinted by now with some other publisher. From that I knew I needed at least one sex scene per chapter, and I noticed how she tied those in with the characterization of the major pairing and of two subsidiary characters, and how she enlivened plottier sections with erotic undertones. So when I outlined, I noted outcome at the end of each sex scene--outcome in the sense of what the sex had resolved and, more importantly, not resolved. Things left unresolved make the reader want to keep reading, a search for final satisfaction, if you will.

I apparently learned a lot from reading Emma Holly's books in the first place, because when I was outlining, I felt like I already knew what sorts of pairings and actions I could use for variety. All of the scenes do not need to include the main couple; or scenes can include half of the main couple with someone else; or the main couple can have a scene with the addition of another character or characters. I also strove to vary the tone, to have a tender scene here, an exuberant quickie there, a slightly scary unplanned encounter to set up another encounter later.

Even if this proposal doesn't sell, and I never have to finish the book, I've learned a lot from the outline alone.
Tags: erotica, writing craft

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