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I just finished Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn, about a werewolf who hosts a call-in radio show. (Chapter one is posted here.) A couple of the chapters appeared previously in Weird Tales as individual stories. It was a fun read along the lines of Undead and Unwed, though I liked Kitty better because it treated the topic more seriously.

In the world of the novel, vampires and werewolves exist and are just coming to widespread public attention. Debates about their legal status are just beginning, a CDC report on the biology of supernatural beings has been done, and Kitty is trying to debunk myths and give advice on her radio show. At the same time, she's dealing with her own werewolf issues, particularly dealing with her Pack and trying to reconcile wolf personal dynamics with human interactions. There's a lot of humor and the tone is breezy, but it gets dark in places.

It's late in the novel before we find out how Kitty was made into a werewolf. Her evil ex-boyfriend drove them out into the woods and raped her--when she fled the car, she had blood on her, which attracted a werewolf. She tells the story to someone else after years have passed; this is not a "recovery" novel; but I think the rape ties in interesting ways with how she behaves in the Pack, in which she has sex with the alpha male in a way that seems divorced from sex with regular humans. Her best werewolf friend, T.J., happens to be gay. And while I'm spoiling things, I might as well say that T.J. is killed at the end, and Kitty has to kill another werewolf who's become a serial killer by pretty much ripping his face off and his throat out. And yes, of course, she becomes romantically interested in Cormac the Werewolf Hunter--I'm wondering what's going to happen with that in the sequel.

Anyway. I found the book very readable and Kitty was less annoyingly perfect than, say, later Anita Blake.
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