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7th Doctor: "The Curse of Fenric"

"The Curse of Fenric" has a lot of cool things about it. It tells us in many ways that war is bad, and how it's bad, and I don't think it hammers the point in an obnoxious way. It's set on the coast of England during WWII, near a military base that houses a primitive computer which they use for deciphering German codes. Ace wears a WWII-style dress and has her hair in a bright red crocheted net, and later rips her thigh-high stockings while climbing down a wall (they're the kind with the seam down the back). The Doctor has a nice duffle coat, and he gets to use his umbrella as an actual umbrella to keep the rain off, as opposed to all the million other things he normally uses it for. And Ace gets a communist boyfriend! Sort of. He's very cute and honorable, and gives her his white scarf when they should have kissed but didn't, and later he gives her the genuine Soviet red star from off his uniform; alas, later he gets possessed by Evil and the giant Sea-Hemovore kills him with green toxic gas. But these things happen. Also good was the idea that Ace didn't get along with her mother, and at the end she is still ambivalent about her mother but accepting of that fact, rather than all, "I love my mummy!" which would have been sickening.

There are some things about this episode that suck. Like the hemovores (get it?). I think with all the Ancient Evil and Curses and Vikings, they wouldn't need Vampires from the Future (those would be the hemovores). Who have really long fingernails. And stalk around in packs and eat you unless you have Faith. We've already got War, do we need Faith, too? I guess they figured they needed a tangible monster, since this is a Kid's Show, right? Right?

Last, this is one of the best episodes for cute Doctor and Ace moments. Theyaresoadorable! For instance, when they've just escaped being blown up, and are cleaning the mud off each other's faces. At one point, the Doctor has to destroy Ace's faith in him just long enough for a hemovore to do something important to the plot, and that is very sad, but afterward he apologizes and looks terribly distressed but also irritated that she didn't figure out he didn't mean it. I think after that scene ended, Ace probably slugged him. But at the end, they are happy again. So despite the sad fate of the cute communist boyfriend, I think I will mentally categorize this one as a happy episode.

The episode is on one DVD with a second DVD of extras; I don't know if having a second DVD for them was justified. There're a couple of interviews, a convention panel, a "40th Anniversary" montage, and the usual galleries of photos and such.

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