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7th Doctor: "Ghost Light"

I watched "Ghost Light" on Sunday with natlyn. There were a lot more extras on the DVD than I had expected. Not only was there a documentary comprised of interviews with various actors, the script editor, etc. (very much in the style of the interviews on the Lord of the Rings DVDs), there was some footage of the production itself, a slideshow of production photos, and quite a few deleted scenes arranged with cute Victorian-style cue cards. From the interviews we learned that the reason for all those deleted scenes was that they turned the original idea of four episodes into three episodes. No wonder this was a somewhat incoherent episode.

I love the atmosphere of it, though. It's just so wacky. There's something about aliens visiting 19th century England that amuses me greatly.

Also, there are some wonderful moments with the Doctor and Ace--their obvious affection is the thing I love most about them.
Tags: dr.who, dvd, tv

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