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9th Doctor, last three episodes

I finished off the last episodes of Dr. Who this weekend.

I think the main purpose of "Boom Town" was to show us what's inside the TARDIS console; secondarily, to show the Doctor as ruthless but always glad to find another alternative (return an egg, not a criminal); thirdly, to give some development to the Mickey and Rose relationship.

"Bad Wolf" annoyed me a little, since I really dislike reality shows in general, and never got the appeal of "The Weakest Link." But I was mildly amused by the Doctor in the "Big Brother" analogue, and Captain Jack in the makeover show was hysterically funny. "Ladies, your ratings just went up."

"The Parting of the Ways" had its good points, and also its annoying points. The Daleks get religion? Annoying. The idea is okay, I guess, but it's not suited for a forty-five minute episode; the only difference it made to the plot was that the Emperor Dalek could spout some religious babble. To me, it viewed like a half-baked idea shoved in with a crowbar, as if someone had a personal hobbyhorse. Like we needed an extra reason to get rid of a fleet of Daleks!

The Doctor tricks Rose and sends her out of danger--I don't think he's ever done anything like that before. I really liked how Rose reacted, and her mother and Mickey, and how they worked together to get Rose what she wanted/needed. I was a bit annoyed by Deus Ex TARDIS at the same time as I thought it was cool. I was annoyed because, after all the angst about killing, Deus Ex TARDIS just kills all the Daleks, the end, no further commentary. I mean, unlike the Delta Wave, the humans aren't killed too (if any are left after the Daleks bombed all their continents), but it didn't seem to have enough impact. Maybe it's just me, because once again it's Rose who saves the day, not the Doctor. Except he then saves her. Maybe they're even. And maybe it's right that a human should save the human race for once.

The Doctor/Rose kiss was clearly fan service, and I'm okay with it, since she didn't remember and it wasn't a romantic kiss, anyway (well, I'm sure he could've sucked the TARDIS out of her brain another way--he's a telepath after all--and it looked like stuff was going into his eyes, not his mouth--so maybe he'd just been waiting for a chance to try out this-human-thing-called-snogging, and there's precedent in the annoying Fox DW movie; as if we need precedent).

I hope Captain Jack is back next season. They left it open in a very "if the actor is available" way. He was a very handy companion to have around, able to shoot things and beat people up and all that. Not at all traditional for the tv series, but harking to the New Adventures books, which had more fisticuffs and personal violence. However, he had great banter with 9th Doctor, but that might not work with 10th Doctor. I guess we'll see.

Regeneration, as always, made me sad. I will miss the 9th Doctor!

Best moment of episode? The Doctor taunting the Daleks, then going inside the TARDIS, and just collapsing with his forehead against the inside of the door.

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