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9th Doctor: episodes 7-10

Why, yes, I watched four episodes of Dr. Who last night. I also worked on a critique and did a load of laundry.

I wasn't that thrilled by "The Long Game." It was all right; I found the aesthetic of the episode oddly like Max Headroom. I was amused to discover that Adam was not so much like Adric as like Turlough; except that when Turlough did stuff like that? Turlough had a reason. He was scared, or he was trying to save his own life, or whatever--selfish reasons for running off and getting into trouble, but understandable ones. (Yes, I am a Turlough fan. He's one of my favorite companions.) Adam did what he did for gain, and he took advantage to do so. I wasn't at all sad to see him go; I was rather gleeful that the Doctor and Rose were mean to him.

"Father's Day" was written by Paul Cornell, who wrote several "New Adventures" novels--I particularly remember No Future was a really good one. I liked this one, despite knowing how the plot would fall out. I like Rose's father, and the Doctor's conversation with the engaged couple, and the way he lectured baby Rose. And his smile when the TARDIS began to form around the key.

"The Empty Child" was a wowzer. I thought the pulp-hero 51st century Jack fitted wonderfully with the 1941 setting. I've wondered if the relentless Daleks were ever-so-slightly inspired by the London Blitz--here we get the Blitz itself, seemingly random and unstoppable. Nancy was great. The episode began with weirdness upon weirdness--Rose is being carried off by a barrage balloon?! The TARDIS is ringing?!--and it carried me all the way through.

And I adored "The Doctor Dances." So sweet. He saved someone! Many someones! He had a good day! He remembered he can dance!

And--bananas. Squee!

(And yes, I've noticed all the "wolf" stuff.)

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