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9th Doctor: "Dalek"


Oh, so excellent. So, so excellent. The Daleks are my favorite villains from Dr. Who, and not just because they were Terry Nation's creation--because they were the impetus to so much fantastic drama.

The head of a Cyberman--interesting the Doctor called it an old friend before he said old enemy. That desperate for friends, are we?

Of course the Time War involved the Daleks. I had assumed this already. The scene in which the Doctor and the Dalek first meet was simply fabulous. "I watched it happen. I made it happen!" Interesting phrasing. Christopher Eccleston must have had a blast with that scene. And, later, "I wasn't--I couldn't--oh, Rose, they're all dead."

And we've picked up a new companion, whom I suspect is temporary. I am wondering if I am supposed to be noting that he is a boy genius whose name, Adam, starts with the letter A., and also that a Cyberman's head was seen earlier in the episode. Or am I reading far, far too much into the Adric similarity? That's the problem with having so much continuity, it's not always clear if a resonance is intended or not.

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