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erotic science and explicitness

I am desperate for distraction from the world, and writing is a handy distraction, if I can muster the concentration for it.

Luckily, I have deadlines. I set myself a deadline for finishing the zero draft, and there's an anthology submission due by November 1st, and if I want to workshop that story, I need to finish it this week.

I'm trying something new with this short story, which I call "the poppet story." It's sf erotica, but for once I'm not going to entirely subordinate the science to the erotica. I'm not explaining how the science works, other than some hand-waving, but I am slipping in some implications of the scientific advance I propose--implications other than the fact that people will play with new tech and use it for sexual purposes. And I'm finding it fun. It's always fun for me to try new things in writing. I feel like I learn new skills each time.

This story also marks the third time I've used first person in an erotica story. This time, I did it because the narrator can know things about the tech that I will not have to show, and I can use what she knows and has thought about as an idicator of her personality, or at least that's my hope. What she does at the end of the story should make sense as resulting from her personality.

Also, so far it looks as if this story doesn't need to be very explicit, which is good, because if I get too explicit, I think it might get silly. Or I will get silly. I think most of the hotness will be in implication, in what the reader imagines can be done with the story's technology. Sex is in the mind, and I think I can make a better story if I remember that.
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