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wordcount reportage

[indicates comfy leather couch with theatrical wave of hand, then sits with chin on hands, looking expectant]

1. When novel-writing, do you keep track of your wordcount, or do you simply go with the flow and know it will eventually be finished? If you use one method and have tried the other, why did you choose the one you chose?

2. If you do keep daily/weekly/whatever wordcounts, do you count every word you wrote in that period, or just the words you kept? Do you figure in deletions as a minus? What's the psychological effect on you? Do wordcounts help or hinder your work?

3. Do you read other people's reportings of their wordcounts? Why or why not?

My answers:
1. In the last few years, I have kept a daily wordcount; it helps me immensely to know that I am accomplishing something each day, and to know how much closer I am to my goal. Also, looking at the list of daily wordcounts proves to me that every little bit helps.

2. I count every word I write, even if I delete a sentence of it here and there, though sometimes individual words go astray. I do not count deletions as a minus, at least for a zero draft--that's too depressing for me. I do count deletions in revisions, because removing big chunks of text then is therapeutic, the bigger the better. We all knew writers are neurotic, right?

3. I read other people's reports of wordcount a little out of interest, to see that others are progressing and it can be done, but mostly I do it to offer small encouragements in comments, because sometimes cheerleading is all that gets one to sit down at the computer or notebook the next day.

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