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evaluations, perfume batch #1

I've been doing further testing on the four imps I liked most: Bayou, Thanatopsis, Athens, and Les Fleurs du Mal, and trying to pick a single one of which to buy a bottle.

Bayou was my first elimination. Using more than I did in my initial test, the watery scent is stronger, but I found I preferred the flowery part. It's still nice, but I can live without it.

Thanatopsis is lovely and dark and smoky, yet occasionally the juniper scent is too much for me. And I don't feel like a dark and smoky person. Given an infinite use for perfume, I would probably buy some, but I'm trying to narrow things down.

Athens is the one I thought, up until this week, I would buy, and I am still wavering a very little. The honeyed myrrh smell is unusual and attractive; I keep wanting to smell it more and more. But when I first apply it, the sweetness of honey and wine is a little too syrupy. It doesn't last long, true, but I can see myself growing tired of that.

So I think I will end up with Les Fleurs du Mal, the flowers that make me swoon. It's a good, classic scent. I like it every time I put it on, and I've put it on more than any of the others; the vial is almost empty. I think it's my keeper.
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