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Mélusine, Monette

Sarah Monette's Mélusine.


These comments will be spoiler-free, since I know many people don't have this book yet. Also, I just finished it around 10:30 pm last night, so my intellectual thoughts have not had time to settle in and make sense. But that's isn't the important part. This is the important part:

Squee! Bounce!

Umm. What else? Well, go buy this. It's a hardcover. Buy it anyway. I said so.

There is Angst. There is Felix, Big Gay Angsty Crazy Guy. There is Mildmay, Sweet Scarred Angsty Cursed Guy. I followed their travails with bated breath. There is the fabulous city of Mélusine with its spires and rooftops and castle and red-light districts and havens of magic. There is pain and suffering and betrayal and people finding each other. The people are complex. They grow and change and sometimes you're not sure what's true and what's hallucination. There's a world.

I tried to make it last. Alas, the book ended. But this book is good enough to read over again.
Tags: books, sf/f
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