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Seven Tears into the Sea, Terri Farley

This is by far the standout of the five YA novels I read through this weekend. Seventeen year old heroine returns to the California seaside town where she, as a ten year old, had a weird experience sleepwalking and then encountering a naked man on the beach; after this, her family moved to Valencia.

Unless "obvious" is that this is a selkie story; to be exact, a selkie romance story. I really liked the characters--the first person narrator's voice is strong, her best friends have personalities rather than simply Roles, her counterculture grandmother and her crusty assistant fit perfectly as modernized crones, and the selkie himself is not only hunky but intriguingly weird, and in an alien way that I really liked. Also, the worldbuilding of the fairytale hotel by the sea was wonderful, and made me want to visit the California coast.

It's not much like Patricia McKillip's The Changeling Sea in prose style or plot incidents, yet that's the comparison I find myself making. The two books have a similar feel.

This one's worth reading.

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