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Miscellaneous; Garth Nix, SABRIEL

Received the editorial email for that online sale--will need to make minor changes and add some details tonight, and send it off to him again. He mentioned only two things specifically that he wanted.

Stale birthday cake is yummy if the icing is good.

A gelato spoon is the perfect tool for applying henna to hair.

Yesterday, I bought pants at Strawbridge's. They're actually the right length, just barely, if I have Docs on, which I usually do. They're black, a microfiber-linen blend (weird but comfy--the linen helps a lot to make them feel unfreaky) and have embroidered cuffs, and pockets, and a drawstring waist I can tighten. I think they will do well for folding up small and unwrinkled in a suitcase. And they were $28, marked down from $68. I rule. Yes, I do. Tonight or tomorrow I will find out how they wash, and if they're going to require ironing.

Am continuing to read Garth Nix's Sabriel, though slowly. I took a break yesterday and skimmed through rereads of a couple of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' football romances (It Had To Be You and Heaven, Texas). I'm now back to Sabriel and it feels slow to me. I'm not engaging with Sabriel, or properly feeling the danger she's in; so far she's managed to survive everything with no real damage to herself. So far, she's had to cross a border and perform magic and then escape an awful magical creature, but I wasn't worried as I read this; I felt as if the obstacles just appeared so the author could then demonstrate the magical solution he'd created; it felt to me like infodump rather than a way of illuminating Sabriel's character. Clever infodump, to be sure. His magic system is very inventive and interesting, and I can't figure out why I'm not reveling in it. The book just feels...dry, to me. Maybe it will get better. Maybe I'd feel differently if I'd read it when I was younger.
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