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Going to see "The Prisoner of Azkaban" tonight. Current reading: Nina Kiriki Hoffman, A Fistful of Sky.

Spent last evening helping out pregnant friend with baby furniture and such.

Got home and found my copy of the new Mary Balogh, Slightly Dangerous, waiting for me. I read it before I went to sleep, though I did skim some of the obligatory scenes with the rest of the family from the other books in the series. I'd expected that, but I still think readers who didn't know who the hell all those people were would be annoyed. Even I was a little annoyed by it. But the parts with just the hero of this book, Wulfric, and the heroine, Christine, were much better, and often delightful. There were a couple of really intense moments that I liked a lot.

I have to think more about the book before I can comment on it coherently, and I also want to avoid spoilers because I know some people reading my comments plan on reading the book. Overall, I liked it, and was totally engaged while I was reading it. Since I've read a lot of Balogh, however, and she's had a really long career, she didn't surprise me often. I would have liked to have been surprised more. I suppose it wouldn't do, in the publishing sense, to try something totally wild and different for the last book in a series, though.
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