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WisCon 2004 rambly report

This year I wasn't ill either before or during the con! Very exciting.

My trip there on Thursday involved more than one harrowing sprint through O'Hare Airport, but I eventually arrived at the correct gate to get to Madison, and there found robgates, whom I was overjoyed to see. He had adventures in his row of the plane, I did not, but I did put on my Retro Red lipstick to distract from my stye-swollen eyelid. When Rob saw it, he promptly renamed it "Cheap Whore Red." I've begun thinking of an entire line of lipsticks along that path now, like "Skanky Scarlet" and "Pussy Pink."

Anyway. onecrowdedhour had left me a note at the desk, so right after I checked in, we met up and had coffee and some munchies for what seemed to be a short time but in fact wasn't. I only caught the very end of the Arnason and McKillip readings at the (very crowded) Room of One's Own bookstore. Also, the speaker sounded fuzzy to me. I only knew Patricia was reading when I came in because I'd heard her read before and knew her voice. Anyway, I managed to at least say hi to coffeeandink, truepenny, matociquala, and heresluck. Also said hi to Gavin and Kelly and ascertained that, yes, they had the new Sean Stewart novel, and I could buy it the next day.

Friday was spent looking for folks and often finding them, at least after I had lunch with Rob at the Noodle House. I had the macaroni and Wisconsin cheese with broccoli, as I did last year, except I added chicken this time. Then the Gathering, like a carnival to raise money for Broad Universe. I eschewed a lovely balloon hat by Pat Murphy, but Nancy Jane Moore read tarot cards for me and then I entered into the never-ending massage line, where I chatted for over an hour with fellow BU member Jennifer Pelland, her friend Misha whose last name I can't remember, the grad student who had wanted to talk to me about fanfiction, Kristine Smith, and Jane Yolen. Eventually, I had a massage from Jed Hartman of Strange Horizons. WisCon is like that.

I had dinner with Nancy Moore and various of her Clarion classmates, as well as Mary Anne Mohanraj and Jed Hartman. We went to this excellent Laotian place, Vientianne, that served genuinely spicy food. My lips burned, my neck sweated, I was very happy.

Friday night was missing the panels I wanted to attend because I was in the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading and then had another reading to attend. Lyda Morehouse was a trip at the Rapid-Fire, as was Jennifer Pelland, a truly entertaining and shameless woman who might even be reading this. Then parties. I briefly went to Leah Cutter's book release party, then the Small Beer party, but ended up staying at the Tor Party.

Saturday at the crack of dawn (well, almost) was a talk, then later on I had lunch with the LJers mentioned as being at the reading, including also renenet and a couple of people I didn't know, but they were at the other end of the table and I didn't get to talk to them. The blogging panel was a good panel but I wished it had been more specifically about writers' blogs. Saturday night was dinner with Diane Silver and a couple of her friends, and Rob, and haikujaguar. Then the Tiptree auction, at which I drooled over Carol Emshwiller's typescript of Carmen Dog complete with her handwritten edits. If only I'd had a thousand dollars, I would've slapped it down right there. It went for only $225. I left the auction before it ended, for the McKillip panel, which was bliss.

Sunday I was free! I got up at the crack of dawn (well, almost) for onecrowdedhour's panel. Lunch with aynjel and Sev. I'd suggested the "Kiss is Just a Kiss" panel but wasn't on it, so I squirmed a lot, wanting to be in charge of it. I was Mad with Power. Or for power, really. I had a nice but brief chat with Louise Marley, who told me she is coffeeandink's fan after that panel. After twitching through one panel, I was too twitchy to sit through another panel, so skipped the Plot one and Karen Fowler's reading to let the grad student interview me about my college experiences of fanfiction, to which Bear was drawn in, and then Anne Harris. A wonderful dinner with Rob and Anne, where I heard all about Anne's new YA project, and told them a little about my novel. After describing the hero of the next novel, Anne snarfed her drink and Rob patted my shoulder and said, "We need to get you laid." [sigh]


The GoH speeches were that night, and the Tiptree, and the latenight panel I moderated, which went okay I guess, though I was so tired I kept losing my train of thought. I was told this wasn't as obvious to the audience as it was to me. Then parties, but I couldn't get beyond the LJ one. I left Monday around 11:00 am.

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