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progress report, Goodman books

Last night's word count: 740. Estimated remaining: 10,160. I have been able to retain a number of parts from the draft as well, only rearranged and edited.

I started reading Jo Goodman's Let Me Be the One last night, the book about Northam, after finishing the one about Eastlyn. These are a trilogy (fourth book due out this summer) about four men each having romance and intrigue simultaneously. As I noted before, it's an interesting method of presenting a story. I'm not sure I entirely like the simultaneity; it's distracting to be caught up in one pair of characters, and then suddenly some major event happens to a different pair and the first pair find out. Also, the simultaneity means certain key events are revealed in more than one book, serving as spoilers. Goodman avoids repetition very well, but the fact remains I know the heroine will go missing and there will be some incident involving a gun, for example, in the book I'm currently reading. I think Goodman is doing a good job with a difficult premise; but I hope she doesn't do it again.
Tags: books, historical, romance

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