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another gray day, Balogh Regencies

House-sat for L. last night.

Progress report for yesterday: nil. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Possibly will be the same today, though I wrote a couple of meaningless sentences on the bus in to work this morning. I must shake off this lethargy soon, so I can get back to pushing for my end of May self-imposed deadline.

Finished Mary Balogh's The Christmas Bride and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a sequel to A Precious Jewel, something I hadn't caught on to until the big reveal. I knew it was linked to a number of her other Regencies--past heroes and heroines and their many offspring cluttered the landscape wherever I looked--but I just didn't remember the name of this novel's heroine wasn't new until prompted with a big stick. In both those books, Balogh addresses issues of consent and betrayal of trust, trespassing and forgiveness. Most Regency authors don't bother.
Tags: books, historical, regency, romance

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