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paranormal elements in romance query

Today's questions, to those of you who read/have read paranormal romances or sf/f with romance, or various combinations and permutations thereof, are:

1. What paranormal elements are your favorites, and why? For example, do you love vampires because of their great clothes? Empaths because of their angst potential?

2. Which things drive you nuts, and why? For example, do simultaneous telepathic orgasms make you want to hurl?

3. What do you want to read that you haven't seen yet, or have read once and twice and want to see lots more of?

4. Recommend to me. You knew I was going to ask.

My readings in this genre so far:
I've browsed Christine Feehan, but didn't get into the dramatic tone her books seem to have, so haven't actually read any of hers. I've read a couple in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, lent by my sister, but didn't like the worldbuilding that much (I know too much about Greek and Roman history and mythology), or the writing style. I have enjoyed the couple of Susan Krinard books I've read (werewolves), and might seek out more. The first few Anita Blake books amused me, but then I got tired as the series went on and on--haven't tried her other series. After Interview with the Vampire, I tried to read more Anne Rice but quickly became annoyed with her characters, especially Lestat, whom I wanted to slap upside the head.

On the sf front, I've read some Catherine Asaro and Susan Grant's Contact.
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