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love, safety, and controlling the universe

I had a weird thought today. I was thinking of writing tonight, even though I'm tired, and trying to decide if I should work on the novel rewrite or on the new short story (last night's inspiration: maybe it needs to be first person). Immediately, I yearned to work on the rewrite.

It could be I want the new story to stew around in my head a bit more. And I want to be "finished" with the rewrite, and that takes daily effort, and I've trained myself to want to work on it every day. But I also wondered if I wanted to work on the rewrite so badly because the novel was familiar. I know and love the characters in it. I feel safe with them. I wonder if that's a part of loving the writing process? Love for your creations? And intensified love when you've been away from them for a couple of days? Is that weird, or what?

Like anything to do with writing isn't weird.

Or maybe, even more weirdly, I love my characters and their world because they're mine, I made them from pieces of myself and I have the ultimate say in what happens to them--there's safety in control, too. Do I write so I can have ultimate control? [cue evil overlord laughter]

Sigh. At least my characters don't talk to me. They just, erm, talk in front of me when I command.

Okay, this is getting too bizarre...
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