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Notes--1917 Hygiene Manual


"The venereal diseases cause more misery than any others an most of the doctors would have to go into other professions to earn their living if these diseases did not exist.

"When a young man is "sowing his wild oats" he is really planting in his own body the syphilis and clap plants [plant=germ], and the harm will be greater than any other crop. He will reap it in days of bed ridden misery, and possible sudden death. He will reap it in bitter hours by the bedside through the illness and death of his wife or in her long years of ill health. He will reap it in little white coffins, idiot babies, blind, deaf and dumb, sickly and stunted children. And it will cost him lost wages and hospital and doctor fees.

"Yes, the wild oats crop is a bumper crop. King Solomon was wise when he warned his son against the harlot, "for her end is bitter."

"The best way to avoid venereal diseases is to keep away from lewd women, and live a clean moral life. It is said by medical authorities that sexual intercourse is not necessary to preserve health and manly vigor, and that the natural sexual impulse can be kept under control by avoiding associations, conversations, and thoughts of a lewd character. However, persons who will not exercise self-control in this matter can greatly lessen the risks of indulgence by the prompt use, immediately upon return to camp or garrison, of the prophylaxis prescribed by War Department orders [which was not included in the text] and which all soldiers are required to take after exposing themselves to the danger of venereal infection. Men who immediately after intercourse urinate and wash the private parts thoroughly with soap and water will lessen the chances of infection. Drunkenness greatly increases the risk of infection."

"Beware of chipped drinking glasses in cafes, restaurants and other places. The slightest cut from such a glass whose chipped part has been in contact with the mouth of a syphilitic person will give you syphilis.

"Seek good companions like your mother and sister. Keep away from John Barleycorn [i.e., beer]. He always wants to turn you over to a harlot.

"Whores and prostitutes are all diseased and will give you germs that will live to give diseases to you, your wife and your children, forty years from now. Keep away from them. "

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