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lost in the garden of the dead

aynjel came in to Philly on Thursday night, so I trekked over to the Marriott after work and dragged her off to Taste of Thai for dinner, at which we set a rendezvous time for the following morning and discussed the various angsts and beauties of our characters.

Friday morning, bright and early, I arrived near the large, vulvic fountain in the hotel lobby, met aynjel and her very heavy camera bag, and set out for the 61 bus, which begins its route at 9th and Market. We waded through several large groups of children on the way, school trips, it looked like. The bus was on time, and we rode through urban wasteland for about half an hour, chatting about this and that and admiring much once-fancy-now-rundown architecture.

We disembarked at historic Laurel Hill Cemetery in brilliant sunlight and burned by sharp, cold wind. As I told aynjel, this trip was a completely different experience than my first visit. Having a friend with me made it a great deal less spooky, as did the sunlight. White marble gleamed everywhere; there is some darker sandstone and granite and even some dark, red-speckled marble, but mostly, the monuments are white. They are striking against a bright winter-blue sky.

I think we tromped around for three hours, or close to it. I finally saw the Warner tomb, designed by Alexander Calder. At last count, I seem to remember aynjel shot six rolls of film, many of them rolls of 36, mostly black and white (she used color for the stained glass in one of the large mausoleums). All in all, very fun. When we got back to the hotel, after we'd had lunch, I saw my cheeks were windburned.
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