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Editing. (Arthur Plotnik, I think I love you.)

I'm currently reading Arthur Plotnik's book The Elements of Editing: A Modern Guide for Editors and Journalists, which I acquired from coffeeandink. It's a riot. I am laughing my ass off while I read this book, and it's useful as well, even if you're not an editor. It well deserves its cover, which pairs it visually with Strunk & White's The Elements of Style.

p.1 "What kind of person makes a good editor? When hiring new staff, I look for such useful attributes as genius, charisma, adaptability, and disdain for high wages."

p.2 "...self-serving, retentive, fastidious, fetishistic, and even some aesthetic and ethical types of compulsiveness have no place in mass communications under deadlines..."

p.5 "A polite name for hounding people is "nudging," and systematic nudging is "following up"...virtually nothing happens when it is supposed to happen without well-timed reminders."

p.11 "Is editing like processing fat into soap or packaging toilet tissue? Yes and no. Some editorial products do call to mind these commodities."

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