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Cemetery excursion and weekend progress

Combined word count from Friday night and Sunday: about 750, some of which I might not keep. Hope I can improve this!

Must write two book reviews in the next couple of days and send them in.

Despite the extremely muggy weather, I trekked out to Laurel Hill Cemetery on Saturday morning, for research purposes. The only bus that goes there, the 61, departs from 9th and Market, so I took a bus across town and picked up a schedule at Market East, just to make sure I wouldn't be waiting for ridiculous amounts of time. I caught the 61 and about half an hour later was there. I hadn't realized Mount Vernon cemetery was also near there (it's another old one), but it didn't look open; it might not be open to the public at all. The area is pretty deserted with lots of broken glass and such on the sidewalks, which tends to make my spider-sense tingle, but the cemetery is fenced all around, and was much less rundown than I'd expected.

The weather really sucked for this kind of tramping around; it sprinkled on and off, there was glare, and of course it was hot. I kept having to swat away gnats. Winter would be a much better time to see it. But I took lots of pictures; this place is definitely a paradise for photographers, especially ones who have zoom lenses for the taller monuments and some of the nice details!

The first thing I noticed was how hilly the place is, which will make a big difference to chapter six. There were only a few paths aside from the access roads. One can't help but walk on graves, they're cheek by jowl, and grouped more by family than by date. Family plots are often walled in (low walls) and you can see the marks where the iron fences in the walls were taken out, either stolen or recycled. The ground is very bumpy from having frozen and thawed, and some stones have fallen over (not as many as I expected).

It's crowded with stones and obelisks. At the same time, it seems very pastoral--it was designed that way. Many lovely vistas. Would be much pleasanter in better weather.

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