oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

By the Light Of the Silvery Moon

music Gus Edwards, words Edward Madden, c. 1909

Place, park, scene, dark,
Silv'ry moon is shining through the trees
Cast: two, me, you,
Sound of kisses floating on the breeze.
Act one, be-gun.
Dialog: "Where would you like to spoon?"
My cue, with you,
Underneath the silv'ry moon.

Act two, scene new,
Roses blooming all around the place.
Cast three: you, me,
Preacher with a solemn-looking face.
Choir sings, bell rings,
Preacher: "You are wed forever more."
Act two, all through,
Ev'ry night the same encore.

By the light of the silvery moon
I want to spoon,
To my honey I'll croon love's tune.
Honey moon,
Keep a-shinin' in June.
Your silv'ry beams
Will bring love dreams,
We'll be cuddling soon
By the silvery moon.

Note: I've found a couple of sources citing this song to 1919 rather than to 1909, but I'm going with 1909, the copyright date in the book I have out from the library.
Tags: music, wwi research
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