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Notes on prices of food

THE PHILADELPHIA RECORD (two cents a copy; a very dense paper, heavy on news)

coffee .32/lb, Lennox and Liberty Bell brands
potatoes .60lb, $1.60 for a bushel sack
tomatoes .14, large can
Armour "Hammer Brand" laundry soap, 10 cakes/.52
cocoa .26/lb
flour .88 sack [and one unintelligible note as well!]
rice 12.5 cents/lb
olive oil $2.15/quart

Gimbel's had a piano store on the 7th floor, where records were also sold for $1-1.50.

Other advertised foods:
Wrigley's gum, Grape-Nuts, Tetley's tea, Holland Rusk [healthy!].

American Stores Company:
Crisco .29/lb
oleomargarine .30-.35/lb
butter .73/lb
evaporated milk 12.5 cents/large can
soup beans .10/lb
corn meal 4.5 cents/lb
peanut butter .19/lb
ham, bacon

Easter in 1919 fell on April 20th.
4/10/19, Thursday: "Suffrage Leaders See Victory Within Grasp"
4/12/19: lots of local sports news. horses for sale.
4/19/19, Saturday: Liberty Loan drive began with a parade down Broad Street, from the Navy Yard to City Hall. Parade included Mummers and 14 tanks.
The baseball season began Wednesday, 4/23/19. The Penn Relays were held that Friday and Saturday.
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