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Notes on slang

I wanted to know if someone in WWI would call themselves "crazy" as slang for insane. I couldn't find slang on the topic in the book I had at home.

Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). ROGET’S INTERNATIONAL THESAURUS. 1922.

Class IV. Words Relating to the Intellectual Faculties
Division (I) Formation of Ideas
Section V. Results of Reasoning

503. Insanity.

INSANITY, lunacy; madness&c. adj., mania, rabies, furor, mentalalienation, aberration, amentia, paranoia; dementation, dementia, demency [rare], morosis, idiocy; dementiaapotu[L. ], delirium tremens, D.T.’s, the horrors [colloq.]; phrenitis, frenzy, raving, incoherence, wandering, delirium, calenture of the brain, delusion, hallucination; lycanthropy; brainstorm.
DERANGEMENT; disordered-reason, -intellect; diseased-, unsound-, abnormal-mind; unsoundness.
VERTIGO, dizziness, swimming, sunstroke, coup de soleil [F.], siriasis.
ODDITY, eccentricity, twist, monomania; fanaticism, infatuation, craze; kleptomania, dipsomania; hypochondriasis (low spirits) [See Dejection]; melancholia, hysteria. screw-, tile-, slate-loose; bee in one’s bonnet, rats in the upper story, bats in the belfry, bee in the head [all colloq.].
Dotage (imbecility) [See Imbecility. Folly].

BE or BECOME INSANE &c. adj.; lose one’s senses, -reason, -faculties, -wits; gomad, runmad; rave, dote, ramble, wander; drivel(be imbecile)[See Imbecility. Folly]; have a screw loose &c. n., have a devil; avoir le diable au corps [F. ]; lose one’s head (be uncertain) [See Uncertainty].
DERANGE; render or drive mad &c. adj.; madden, dementate [rare], addle the wits, derange the head, infatuate, befool; turn the brain, turn one’s head.

INSANE, mad, lunatic; crazy, crazed, aliéné [F. ], non compos mentis [L. ], not right, dement [rare], dementate, cracked [colloq. ], touched; bereft of reason; all-possessed, unhinged, unsettled in one’s mind; insensate, reasonless, beside oneself, demented, maniacal, daft; frenzied, frenetic or frenetical; possessed, -with a devil; deranged, far gone, maddened, moonstruck; shatterpated, shatterbrained; madbrained, scatterbrained, crack-brained; off one’s head.
Corybantic, dithyrambic; rabid, giddy, vertiginous, wild; haggard, mazed; flighty; distracted, distraught; bewildered (uncertain) [See Uncertainty].
Mad as a-March hare, -hatter; of unsound mind &c. n.; touched-, wrong-, not right-in one’s-head, -mind, -wits, -upper story [colloq. ]; out of one’s-mind, -senses, -wits; not in one’s right mind; nutty[slang].

ODD, fanatical, infatuated, eccentric; hypochondriac, hyppish[rare], hipped or hypped [colloq. ], hippish [colloq. ].

DELIRIOUS, light-headed, incoherent, rambling, doting, wandering; frantic, raving, stark mad, stark staring mad.

IMBECILE, silly, [See Imbecility. Folly].

ADVERB: like one possessed.
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