oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
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is the sound of my post-performance crash. One minute you're swinging along in a vast orchestra-fueled ocean of sound, then there's a lot of clapping, and you're clapping for your soloists, and then, once the orchestra is off, you're leaving the stage in dribs and drabs, and your feet hurt.

Big, rapid dispersal of singers, some of whom I won't see again until fall. Mind emptied out. It's after 11:00 pm. Matthew the Evangelist ducks into the grocery store across the street, wearing a denim jacket over his tux shirt. I walk home alone with my trench coat over my blacks; someone honks at me, a few blocks on, and it's one of our emeritus professors from work, with a carload of people he apparently brought to the concert as well: a nice surprise that I am too tired to appreciate fully.

Our annual re-auditions are this week, then it's off to WisCon for me. Must pack. I'm flying out Friday morning.
Tags: Matthäus Passion, singing

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