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Matthäus on my mind

After some futzing around (i.e., writing, deleting, writing, cutting it and sticking it at the end of the document, writing, sneering, etc..) I decided I wasn't happy with a decision I'd made for my next section and decided to leave it and reconsider. Went home, ate macaroni with broccoli and cheese (Derby with sage), and then sang through the whole first half of Matthäus-Passion in preparation for Wednesday night's rehearsal.

This part (27.b) is fun to sing, especially when your mood is not the best:
"Sind Blitze, sind Donner in Wolken verschwunden?
Eröffne den feurigen Abgrund, o Hölle,
Zertrümmre, verderbe, verschlinge, zerschelle
Mit plötzlicher Wut
Den falschen Verräter, das mördrische Blut!"

It all sounds so much more vicious in German.

My favorite of part one, however, remains #20, with the heartbreaking oboe solo and heartbreaking text:
"Tenor: Ich will bei meinem Jesu wachen
Chorus II: So schlafen unsre Sünden ein.
Tenor: Meinen Tod büßet seine Seelennot; sein Trauren machet mich voll Freuden.
Chorus II: Drum muß uns sein verdienstlich Leiden recht bitter und doch süße sein."

God, I love Bach.
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