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No writing last night, except for a letter to my niece. I finished up Turning the Storm and watched Buffy, which I found mildly amusing except for the final scene with Xander and Dawn, which I loved, loved, loved. Reading Dunnett's The Disorderly Knights today.

Rehearsal tonight; David's added the Pizzetti Requiem to the program, a wonderful piece which I performed on several different occasions with The Donald. We're also supposed to get the commission piece tonight. It's always exciting to sightread a commission and know that this is the first time ever those sounds have existed outside of the composer's head. I will never be jaded with that!

Kritzer's Turning the Storm kept my interest, but I didn't get to read it in one long shot as I did its prequel, Fires of the Faithful. The second novel is roughly divided into three sections: heroine with army, heroine as spy, heroine in aftermath. The last section was the one that felt like a letdown. I always want to know what happens after the big climax, and many intriguing things did happen in this section. The final, real ending was something I'd been expecting to happen much earlier. The ending was delayed by plot events that served to remove a few characters from the playing field and propel the heroine into her final action. Except I think she could have gone on to that action directly after the climax, and that would have given the ending more oomph. I do recommend these two books; she created a really interesting fantasy world with two cool religions and some excellent constraints on the use of magic. I think Kritzer is a great new author, and I'll be looking for her next novel.
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