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Gaelen Foley romances

Today's book is Gaelen Foley's Lady of Desire. I read her Lord of Fire and Lord of Ice as they came out, and The Duke a while back, so there's been a gap between. This new book seems to have a less interesting and more traditionally romantic style than the previous. It might be that I'm hyperaware of style at the moment, having just read a couple of Dorothy Dunnett novels. Either that, of the fact that this book is female pov rather than male like the two previous. I think the former is more likely.

I like Gaelen Foley for her excellent angst, which I have every faith will appear any moment now; the hero of the story has scars covered by tattoos.

Once the story gets going I think I will be distracted from sentences like, "What a gorgeous air of wildness and rebellion he had about him, with his dark gold mane flowing back form his forehead and those pagan tattoos adorning his finely honed body." There's nothing technically wrong with that sentence; look at "flowing" and "adorning." I think it was "mane" that turned me off. And "finely honed." I am not in the mood for girlish squealings, even if the heroine is a girl. [edited to add: eventually, these thankfully disappeared.]

I should really finish my coffee and get to work instead of beginning a line-by-line critique of a romance novel.

I plan to do some writing this weekend but not push it too hard. I also need to get started on those critiques for workshop on February 2. If nobody else submits, maybe I'll see if they'll read "Imperial Service" for me so I can get more ideas for possible markets and, failing that, ideas on how I could re-tool it.
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