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people-eating turtles

I've been thinking about my BLE submission for this year; I'm going to try again to write "Wire," a sequel to "Camera." I tried starting it two or three times last year, but it wasn't quite right. I think I've solved the problem. It should be Harrah's pov, not Sgt. Flood's, since Harrah is the more active character in this instance, and I've already been in Flood's brain, sort of, and it's less interesting. The few trial sentences that came into my head were my usual third person past.

Rehearsal Saturday morning fills most of my usual writing time, but I might get in an hour or so if I get up early and write while I have coffee and a bagel. Then Sunday morning is open for writing, as well. We'll see how far I get. I don't intend to allow the story to be too long and plot-heavy, since, well, erotica. I already know the basics of the plot and my main gee-whiz element from last year.

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