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I was considerably less than stunning in my audition, but I'm in for Carmina. First rehearsal is Saturday morning, then we're off until February (except for regular Wednesday rehearsals, of course). I can now switch my "work" listening to Bach's St. Matthew Passion. The score is thicker than The Messiah and has, ominously, smaller print. Even minus arias and recitatives, it's no small project. I'm assuming we'll start work on it concurrently with the stuff for the March gig.

No typing or writing last night.

Head is still stuffy and I had a rough time getting to sleep last night. I did get momentary relief; after my audition, I walked the couple blocks down to Square on Square, a nice Chinese place I first visited with sidewinder. Steamed vegetable pot stickers with spicy sauce (raw garlic!) and Szechuan chicken in garlic sauce. Leftovers for lunch today.

L. and I are trying Bluezette tonight, then she's taking off for Dallas this weekend, to attend figure skating Nationals.

I put down Walking the Moon, the Elizabeth Hand novel I've been reading, and picked up a Dorothy Dunnett instead, to get a little distance from all the drugged out college students and human sacrifices. I'll finish the Hand novel later. Dunnett is just as dense, but considerably less dark and scary.
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