July 1st, 2013


Goals Progress

After a terrible fiction-writing day on Saturday, C. gave me some tough love and I managed to finish the story on Sunday, and send it in for the July 1 deadline. A lot of my difficulty with it seemed to be that the story I wanted to write didn't feel entirely suitable for the anthology, so I got tangled up in trying to force it, which doesn't work well for me. But in the end, finishing it was the important part. I'll let the editor make the decision about whether it's suitable or not.

So, in the last six months, I have submitted:
1) "The Airplane Story" as a reprint, which was promptly rejected;
2) "No Sooner Met," a historical romance story that I edited from a discarded chapter of an unfinished novel;
3) "A Fistful of DeVille," a sequel to "The Magnificent Threesome";
4) "Lingerie," for a particular editor's last-minute need for a particular anthology, in second-person present from a male pov;
5) "Dahlia Calling," another experiment with second-person;
6) "Cinema Fantastique," which has more backstory than sex scenes.

Currently unfinished, but started in the last six months, are "Mirror Mirror Mirror" and "The Conductor" and "SubForum," which is the experimental format story I might have mentioned before.

There's a July 12th deadline I'm going to attempt, and then two for August 1.