June 13th, 2013


Lifting is good for the nerves

Yesterday was not fun at the dayjob, so I was extremely grateful to go lift weights afterwards. I managed to restrain myself to doing only what was listed in the workout program instead of going at it like a fiend. I did sweat, and I felt some strain on the military presses, so I guess I accomplished something and don't have to feel like a wimp.

I have to figure out when I'm going to lift on Friday, as I have an evening thing. Morning? Lunch? These workouts are brief enough that I could probably fit lifting plus shower into one hour, so lunch is viable.

After the lifting on Monday and Wednesday, I did a mile on the elliptical, which is about fifteen minutes. The air conditioning does not seem to be working on the second floor, so it was like running outside in the heat, only without breezes. I am trying not to do too much. I'm not much worried about my cardio, since last week, when all I did was cardio, I discovered I can still do three-plus miles in 45 minutes without too much strain. The program I'm working through does not call for cardio, but I didn't see it forbidden, either. I like it; I think it helps me to loosen up, both physically and mentally.