May 31st, 2013


Whoa, Fevers Really Get You

From May 18 - early on May 20th, I had a stomach virus of some kind accompanied by high fever. I felt better in time to leave for WisCon on Thursday morning, but wasn't eating regular-sized meals until that day (I barely ate anything beyond a few saltines and electrolyte drinks and popsicles while feverish). So, yesterday it had been a week since I went back to eating normally, or close to it. I was antsy and really wanted to go back to my gym routine.

I usually weigh myself before I work out, and track it in my little notebook, along with the contents of my workout. Yesterday, I weighed a bit over 9 pounds less than at my previous workout. !!! I don't think the loss is visible, and I think most of it was probably muscle weight *is bitter*. But that is a scary amount of weight. I am afraid of what the loss might have been had I weighed myself right after the fever!

I did what I thought was a light workout: squats, deadlifts, one set of overhead lifts, two sets of bench presses, then 15 minutes on the elliptical, slowly. I was wiped out. I had my usual protein bar and took a shower; after the shower, I could feel little trembles in my leg muscles. I was more tired than I could remember being even after a heavy weights workout. I went home and my legs ached for hours, even after Gatorade (left over from fever) and some dinner. I finally took an ibuprofren so I could sleep. I was, frankly, shocked by how wiped out I felt.

I'm still tired this morning, and a bit sore. So no gym tonight; will reasses on Monday if I want to start the new lifting program, or just build up more slowly.