May 24th, 2013


I'm at the con! Hooray!

So, I am at WisCon, and have already had a delightful couple of meals with friends whom I have not seen in far too long. Also, it was delightful to be able to eat things. This morning, I even risked a latte, with no unfortunate effects (my first coffee since last Thursday). I shall spare you further talk of my innards....

If you're a Twitter user, here are the hashtags for the panels I'm on: #ModSquad #ImaginaryBookClub #XenogenesisPanel #TheDoctorIsAJerk #Moderating201 - the con itself is #WisCon without the 37 attached.

I find myself at loose ends until The Gathering, which starts at one; I actually brought a few items for the clothing exchange this year, including a happy banana yellow pullover, bought on clearance years ago, which has always looked terrible on me but is cashmere so I suspect someone will want it.

My first panel isn't until 4:00 pm. This is a very happy state of affairs. Tomorrow is the Farmers' Market, then my first panel at 10:00 am, another at 1:00 pm, and another immediately following at 2:30 pm, luckily one which I will not be moderating and about which I can talk with little mental effort (Dr. Who). My last panel, in which I will moderately moderate a panel about moderating, is Sunday at 2:30 pm.

Had that discussion again yesterday in which we try to figure out who people are and can only do so by their usernames - so please feel free to tell me who you are if I do not appear to know who you are despite following you on LJ or whatever for the past decade or more. I will attempt to do the same.