May 6th, 2013


Bach! And Cons!

The Bach went beautifully, but it was very tiring - I think our attention span was definitely flagging in the last hour after standing through a lot of solo material, because our conductor had to prod people to watch. But we perked up again for the end, and people clapped, and came to the reception and ate the food we'd brought, and said they'd enjoyed it, so yay!

We'd actually had audience for the dress rehearsal on Friday night. A local arts website was doing a test event for something called "rehearsal club," and asked us if we'd be their guinea pig. They'd expected maybe 20 people, but 40 signed up (I don't think all of them showed, but most did). All but maybe a half-dozen left at the halfway break, but a few diehards remained, some of them regular attendees at our concerts. The idea, if the club continues, is that after seeing "behind the scenes," people would also attend the performance to see how it worked out in the end (i.e., buying a ticket!), but at minimum it would be good publicity for the organizations involved.

Readercon panelist questionnaires have gone out, so I'll be working on that. Goal #1 is always to avoid over-committing myself by not checking the "leader/moderator" boxes too often. Yeah. Laugh it up, fuzzball.

Also, I had a sale! "8:00 P.M.: Appointment TeeVee" has been picked up for the next Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. Yay reprint! This is the story that has fanfictional geekery mixed in with the sex.