April 23rd, 2013


What to do with Whey Protein Powder

I've been experimenting with whey protein powder to see what it's good for aside from smoothies. I have learned some things.

1. Putting whey protein powder in instant oatmeal = FAIL. Both before and after cooking. It makes the sort of sludge you imagine Oliver Twist being forced to eat.

2. Dumping whey protein powder into cold milk and mixing = palatable. I don't have a mixing bottle, so I usually have some small lumps, but I don't mind that much.

3. Dumping whey protein powder into cereal and milk = palatable. Yes, there are some lumps, but after a workout I'm so hungry I don't care.

4. Dumping whey protein powder into hot tea = FAIL. It looks horrible and the lumps are worse than with cold milk, and I think it was sort of separating. Actually, it tasted okay, but I don't think it's an optimal solution.

5. Mixing whey protein powder with peanut butter and maybe some honey = I don't know yet. I just had the idea when I woke up in the wee hours; it would be substituting whey protein powder for dry milk in a recipe we used to make when I was a kid. You mix the ingredients, form into balls, refrigerate on a buttered plate.

Please share your successful experiments, if you have them!